Installing Node.js on Ubuntu 15.04

Everything I know about how to do this I got from this page, on  So, really, you might as well go there and save us all some embarrassment.

Still here? Well…let’s do this thing then.

Similar to my previous post on getting Node.js on Ubuntu 14.04.2, we will be installing using the Node.js source code. The reason we do this, instead of using  apt-get install,is because we want the newest version of Node.js to play with. The version that is available via apt-get tends not to be current.

1. Update system and get required tools:


2. Go to the Node.js download page to get the URL for that latest release then use wget to download it to your server.

2015-08-28 07_54_00-Node.js

(This was the latest version available to me. Your version might differ from this).

3. Expand the tarball, go into the directory and install

While waiting (as this takes a while) go make coffee, call your loved ones, write that one novel you have inside of you. Once make is complete, run the final command:

4. Test your installation

Check the version that is installed, and run some basic code.

2015-08-28 08_13_30-george@mean_ ~_node-v0.12.7

5. Clean Up

We don’t need the source code or the tarball anymore. We can delete them.

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